Green Standards

Construction of Emerald Hills Urban Village is to be based on the Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood (SUN) guidelines.

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Built Green Comes Standard

Established after much research, consultation, and collaboration between Christenson Developments, Sustainable Buildings and Communities Group of Natural Resources Canada (SBC-NRCan), the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and multiple levels of government, the SUN guidelines exist where sensible public planning meets ambitious corporate implementation.

SUN guidelines include multiple themes for evaluating sustainable development, all of which are met or exceeded by the development. Residential homes are constructed to the Built Green Canada standard, the leading residential sustainable building system in Canada.

Build Green Canada helps builders deliver homes that use less gas, less electricity, and less water, while requiring lower levels of maintenance—all of which contributes to a reduced carbon footprint.


Emerald Hills Urban Village uses land responsibly by mixing usage, reducing infrastructure footprints, conserving land for valuable resources, and preserving natural wildlife habitat.


Emerald Hills Urban Village protects the quality and quantity of the community’s water resources through stormwater management and low-impact water technologies.


Emerald Hills Urban Village reduces carbon emissions by optimizing energy used for infrastructure and buildings.


Emerald Hills Urban Village enables lifestyles that reduce, reuse, and recycle waste. Emerald Hills Urban Village is working to foster thinking that waste could actually be seen as a resource, be it through community exchange programs (such as freecycling), or local initiatives like community composting.


Emerald Hills Urban Village encourages builders to source sustainable harvesting practices, supports local manufacturers, mandates increased building life, and creates the conditions for a healthy indoor environment.


Emerald Hills Urban Village provides a robust transportation network that enables multiple green mobility choices, including walking, cycling, and public transit. Daily necessities are all within walking distance, such as grocery stores, restaurants, and daycares.


Emerald Hills Urban Village is designed with the wellbeing of residents and workers in mind, through a combination of a beautiful environment, easy accessibility, and safety. Residents are encouraged to be a part of the Urban Village social community, to enjoy gorgeous and imaginative parks, and to utilize enhanced safe walking/cycling routes