The Community

Emerald Hills offers the best of both worlds: a peaceful, safe, diverse, and established residential neighbourhood that is coupled with the convenience and excitement of various cultural and commercial spaces.

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Community Matters

In addition to the meticulously planned residential and commercial spaces, the neighbourhood offers lush parkland, extensive bike & pedestrian pathways, a new high school built in 2012, and Strathcona County’s brand new hospital which opened in 2014.

Designed for Living

Because every aspect of the development is considered, you can enjoy both your home and your neighbourhood. Top quality materials, experienced construction, and long-term planning ensure the community—and your place within it—remains enjoyable and livable for decades to come.

Designed to meet present needs (and planned around smart, durable future development) homes in Emerald Hills contain features that allow you to enjoy the comforts of modern living while minimizing the community’s ecological impact. Homes are built to be efficient while existing in concert with carefully managed public spaces that enhance both your wellbeing, and that of the community, without sacrificing convenience.

Welcome to Your Space

Nestled within the community is a space just for you. A space where you can live, work, and play.

  • Desirable, smart homes for many types of families and individuals, so that you can be you. Emerald Hills caters to every walk of life from single adults, to young families, to seniors!
  • Having your home as part of a planned community where longevity and quality of life are priorities means that you have your own outdoor space. Whether the outdoor space is your backyard vegetable patch, the kilometres of bike and walking paths, or the community garden is up to you—it’s your choice!
  • Emerald Hills’ close proximity to Edmonton (less than 20 minutes) and ample development space mean spacious homes with the convenience of city living!
Emerald Hills Playground